Qlik Smart Hub™

One stop shop for governed, empowered and controlled Qlik Sense Self Service.

Qlik Smart Hub™

The Qlik Smart Hub is a single interface built by Muke by pushing the boundaries of Qlik to provide the complete self-service experience by with no compromise on governance and Security. This will bridge the gap between Qlik sense capabilities and Ideal enterprise self-service product expectations.

Did you come across any of below questions?

  • How do I check-in/Check-out/Collaborate an app development with Qik sense?
  • How do I version control apps in Qik sense? And restore apps if corrupted/lost?
  • How can I enforce the testing and approval process for app deployments to End users?
  • How to power the Developers/ Application owners to manage their apps and not going through QMC/Security rules and provide them a simple interface without compromising on security.
  • How to do the automated deployments without going to the hassle of manual process?
  • How to get a pure self-service for business in Qlik sense without any admin assistance?

If your answer is “Yes” to any/all of the above, then Qlik Smart Hub is the way to go.

What Qlik Smart Hub offers?

  • Streamlined Dashboard development workflow with checkin,checkout, and approval process.
  • Version control.
  • Added functionalities for developers/Owners like Adhoc reload, View usage statistics of app etc.
  • Owners of app/Stream can assign the developers and End users.
  • Saves lot of time, money as it takes care of most of the admin interventions and provides the pure self-service experience for both technology users and Business Users.


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